Real Estate Warriors

Recently I was asked to speak at an investment club on the topic of foreclosures and purchasing properties at trustee auctions.  As always, the topic sparked great interest especially considering the abundance of opportunity in that particular niche.

Typically I will be approached by a number of people in the audience once my formal presentation is over.  I will field questions that sometimes people aren’t comfortable asking in front of the group, usually pertaining to a personal set of circumstances.  Perhaps a sign of the times, members of this group seemed to pepper me with  more questions about whether or not this was a smart time to invest and how to stay on track when outside influences often derail you.

It started me thinking that it’s really important to be a warrior when it comes to investing. In it’s purest sense being a warrior means engaging  aggressively or energetically in an activity or cause.  Success comes to those who approach their financial future in a similar fashion.

First let me say YES, now is a good time to be in real estate.  Any and all times are optimal for real estate investing with the right strategies and the proper research behind you.

As far as doing battle against negative influences and staying the course, here are a few pointers:

• Be Positive- Enjoy the challenges that the real estate market presents us with right now.  Opportunities abound if we look past the dismal headlines and bleak financial forecasting.  Keep a positive frame of mind by surrounding yourself with people of similar passion and purpose.  Find the hopeful signs to focus on such as the fact that in today’s economy small business owners are making a comeback.  Remember that there are plenty of markets in the U.S. that have seen healthy increases in value.  The markets that have seen drastic price drops are now offering investors an opportunity to enter with bargain-basement pricing.

• Success Is A Journey- Real estate is made up of a variety of steps all of which are important in their own right.  From the research to the acquisition to the rehab and so on, each step in the journey needs to be given attention.  Getting off track is part of human nature, but staying off track during any one of the steps in the process can equate to never attaining your profits.  You have to follow through with each step in order to reach your payday.  Think of it like driving to a favorite destination.  As you’re driving, you may come across a speed bump.  When you do, you slow down, go over the bump and continue on your way.  The same can be said of real estate investing.  You can’t let the speed bumps stop you from reaching your destination.

•Keep Your Eye On The Prize- Focus your energy on your personal motivating factors.  What are the things, places or people that drive you to succeed?  Keep reminders all around you of the dreams you have for yourself and your loved ones.  Whether it be a picture of the sports car you’ve always wanted or a photo of your favorite vacation spot, keep these visions fresh and in the forefront of your mind.

Now go suit up in your best battle armor and stake your claim.  There is no time like the present to become a real estate warrior and build your real estate empire.


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