Is the Economic Storm Almost Over?

One of the most common questions I get in the office is, “when is the market going to turn around?” It is without a doubt the most controversial topic these days. I’ve talked to people who I consider brilliant in terms of real estate and general economic common sense. And I have to tell you, the divide is as large as the Grand Canyon. Half stand firmly in their belief the market is going to turn around in 2009 and rebound and make great economic strides. While the other side continues to preach a more sobering reality. Each making strong points backed by economic this and economic that.

Because of the relationships I have, many of you call me at the office looking for my take on the market based on the discussions I’ve been privileged to have. Because with this one vital bit of information, you can confidently choose a direction to invest in. If the market is looking rosy, then out of your bag of tricks comes a set of buy and hold strategies. If the market is looking bleak, then another set of investment strategies can be deployed to insure your survival through these challenging times.

So what is the answer?

Who cares!

A buddy and business associate, Dave Stech, and I were having lunch the other day and he shared an epiphany he had regarding the market place. So while I have my own take on the market place and general economic outlook over the next 36 months, I have to give credit to Dave. Because Dave ever so eloquently summarized all this political rhetoric into a simple comment.

“It has nothing to do with


economy, it has everything to do with



Simply put… Brilliant. Who gives a damn about where the market is going because nobody knows! What I do know is that currently it’s crappy. So rather than engage in endless dialog and banter about what may be, what can be, what should be, focus on one thing…
How to make money NOW.

The only economy that matters to you is YOUR economy. Take a serious, and more importantly, honest look at YOUR current financial picture. If it looks like a train wreck, then get off your ass-ets and do something about it. Stop meditating and start motivating. Stop wasting time with wishful thinking, or exchanging wits with the witless. Take immediate action to change your financial picture. If that means, addressing some serious budget adjustments, do it. If it means jetousing debts and assets, do it. If it means restructuring, get cracking.

On the other hand, if your financial picture looks great, do something! You weren’t expecting that were you? If it looks great today, it might look crappy tomorrow. Or, it could look stellar in the near future. Sitting around enjoying your victories is NOT what your should be doing in this market. YOUR economy can be multiplied many times over by capitalizing on opportunity while others run fearful for the sidelines.

To quote Warren Buffet…

“While others are greedy, be fearful. While others are fearful, be greedy.”

While your competition is treading water searching for any piece of floatsome to clench onto for survival, opportunity abounds. Focus on YOUR economy and take immediate steps to make quantum leaps financially to secure your future.